Stetson by Vega

Rare Stetson guitar by Vega Early 1900's

This is a very unusual Stetson guitar. I've seen a few Stetson's made by the Larson Brothers, all around 1915, give or take a few years. This one is much earlier. Possibly late 1800's. The inside bracing and construction tells me it's made by Vega. The neck joint is a mortise and tenon, an earlier construction technique. Ladder braced Adirondack Spruce top. Unbound Brazilian back.
Brazilian sides. The multi-colored back stripe has been seen on period Vega guitars. The most unusual is the size. Nearly 14-3/4" wide with a deep body depth. In excellent condition for it's age. Evidence of an old tail piece on lower bout and missing end pin. Recent neck set and new frets. New bridge, bridge pins, and saddle.

$3500. More photos available.   INQUIRE  

25" scale. 1-13/16" nut width. 2-1/4" bridge spacing. Action is 3/32" bass 5/64" treble.
14-5/8" lower bout. 4-1/4" deep lower bout. 3-3/4" upper bout.